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Last week, Pfizer, who partners with BioNTech to produce and distribute the nation’s more commonly used vaccine, announced it had preliminary data showing its jab is less effective at preventing infection from the new strain. An African research team found last week that people who had received the two-shot Pfizer Covid vaccine were at risk of infection or even severe complications from the virus. A promising sign, though, is that none of the people tied to the Cape Town even suffered severe complications caused by the virus, and no deaths or hospitalizations have been tied to the event. The nation also approaches another dark milestone in the pandemic, as it will likely eclipse 800,000 deaths caused by the virus at some point this week. If correct, it means that much of America is still at severe risk from the new strain, and the low booster rates leave much of the nation vulnerable to another large virus surge. Even among the leaders in rate of population boosted are still posting low numbers, though, with more than 70 percent of residents, even in the leading states, not having received the additional shots.

Norway suffered the first known outbreak of the Omicron variant, when a holiday party held by locally based energy company Scatec was tied to over 100 cases of Covid – with more than a dozen confirmed to be the new strain. Early data on the Omicron variant shows that the strain can bypass a majority of the protection provided by the original Covid vaccine regimen. More than 4,700 cases of the variant have been sequenced in the UK, leading the rest of the world. After the party, company employees mingled with others at the restaurant it was being held at, and it is believed that over 50 more people who were not a part of the event contracted the virus then. There’s a lot of them, and the confusing part is that you’ll probably only see a handful available in your region. “They of course wanted me to play with them, but they respect my decision and my story and they have showed me tremendous amounts of respect and have always congratulated me on everything.

Tuesday, then Mexico would be out and Panama would play New Zealand. A staggering 700 out of every 100,000 people in the area have tested positive for the virus within the past week, officials report. More than 297 million Americans live in the 43 included states, according to official data – out of the 332 million total U.S. According to official data, 22 percent of the state’s residents have already gotten boosters as well. Wyoming is among the seven states not included in the data, while Idaho has boosted nearly 15 percent of its population. A day later, Pfizer officials confirmed the findings, while also saying they had data showing the booster shot would re-establish protection. Research from Israel, published Monday, confirms these findings, showing that the Pfizer booster provided adequate protection against Omicron, though still not as much protection as it does against other strains. Those who are 16 or older and received the second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine six months ago, or the single Johnson & Johnson shot two months ago, are eligible for booster shots. Data also suggests people considered fully vaccinated – those who’ve had two doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine, or one shot of the Johnson and Johnson inoculation – aren’t protected from Omicron at all, sparking further fears it of it gaining a rapid foothold in the United States.

Dr Anthony Fauci says preliminary data suggests the strain is less deadly than Delta, but also cautioned that it is too early to say for sure. Preliminary data from Israel suggests that a booster dose of Pfizer’s shot can provide ‘significant protection’ against Omicron. Fearing a similar outbreak happening within its own borders, Israel restricted travel from both the UK and Denmark on Monday, adding the two European nations to a list of about 50 others. The update comes alongside some additional avatar customizations that will carry over into Oculus Quest, adding expanded skin shaders, wheelchairs, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Still health officials still fear the variant will continue to spread in the European nation, and the country’s health authorities said Monday they expect Omicron to be the dominant strain in Copenhagen, the nation’s capital and largest city, by the end of the week. It matched initial reports from South African officials that cases of the variant were mild compared to those of the Delta variant or other Covid strains. Meanwhile in the U.S., President Biden banned travel from eight African countries, some of which are not suffering major Covid outbreaks at the moment, but still allows incoming travel from the UK and Denmark.

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