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Low-cost masks to people as the highly transmissible but less severe Omicron variant rips through the country. The momentum has continued to steadily shift in Biden’s favor as officials across the country have counted the hundreds of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots. Italy imposed at least a month of new restrictions across the country on Sunday, insisting that people outdoors wear masks, shutting down gyms, pools and movie theaters, and putting an early curfew on cafes and restaurants. Even as vote totals now show him trailing Biden in key battleground states, Trump has not prepared a concession speech and in conversations with allies in recent days, he has said he has no intention of conceding the election, people familiar with the matter said. The former vice president’s surprising strength in the state stemmed from huge turnout from Black voters in Fulton County and other suburbs around Atlanta, fatigue with Trump in Georgia’s fast-growing suburbs — which have become increasingly young and diverse in recent years — and assiduous work over more than a decade to boost Democratic registration in the state.

The former vice president was leading Trump in Nevada by more than 20,000 votes mid-afternoon on Friday, but counting in that state has been painfully slow. If Biden holds Nevada, a state with 6 electoral votes that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and flips Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, from red to blue, that would provide him with another path to the White House. ET Friday and led in the afternoon by just more than 4,200 votes. The county will report additional votes twice a day until the count is complete, and Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria would not estimate how many more would be counted Friday. More than 63,000 ballots are outstanding in Clark County, the area surrounding Las Vegas that has long been the lynchpin for Democrats. When asked whether they would eventually get it, 42% of Democrats said yes, compared with 23% of Republicans. Republicans and conservatives from Jerry Falwell Jr. to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to Trump have tried to make sure it doesn’t widen and have spoken out in favor of the vaccines. The House approved legislation in March creating a pathway toward citizenship for ‘Dreamers,’ but the measure has stalled in the Senate.

An NPR/Marist Poll in the field in late March suggested that we should be seeing a pattern just like this one. In other words, the gap that we’re already seeing between blue states and red states in terms of vaccination rates is more than likely to widen. Whether those efforts pay off with more Republicans willing to get vaccinated isn’t clear. That poll, like others, found that Democrats were far more likely to take the vaccine than Republicans were. Just 33% of Republicans said they had. One major area of anxiety for the Trump campaign is the fact that Biden jumped ahead of Trump in Georgia around 4:30 a.m. Former President Donald Trump won all of these states last year, except for Georgia. No Democratic presidential nominee has won the state since Bill Clinton in 1992. Clinton narrowly defeated former President George H.W. You could also look at the number of vaccines each state has administered for every 100,000 people 18 and older by the amount they have received for every 100,000 people 18 years and older.

That would, in theory, result in players who are more likely to have an impact, as opposed to those who were largely earning praise from their coaches this season just for being able to hold their own in practice. We know that the more and more people that get one vaccine and then two – get fully vaccinated – the more we as a nation are protected,’ Walensky said. Others are looking to add more African-Americans to the Cabinet. Even if we are able to raise the vaccination rates in one of the lagging groups, it doesn’t mean the other ones won’t continue to be an issue. Most of the states where vaccination rates are lowest happen to be ones where the Black population is high and where the percentage who graduated from college was low, while the reverse is true in the states with high vaccination rates. But Sen. Nancy Barto, the Republican sponsor of the bill, said she hopes the high court upholds a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks it is now weighing. His running mate, California Sen.

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