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The vice president’s speech came the day after Columbus Day, which was also formally recognized for the first time this year as ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ by President Joe Biden. The President’s team, in contrast, had earlier bullishly insisted that the President would win Pennsylvania with some room to spare. A court in Pennsylvania on Thursday said Trump campaign observers could stand closer to watch ballot processing in Philadelphia — a relatively inconsequential ruling that Trump campaign associates quickly touted as being a massive win, as votes are still being counted there that could decide the state. Trump cannot find a route to 270 electoral votes without Georgia and Pennsylvania, so his chances of securing reelection will hinge on developments in those two states in the coming days. In Arizona, several tranches of votes from Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, narrowed Biden’s lead to just less than 40,000 votes, with Trump’s team insisting the President will eventually prevail and keep his hopes of a path to 270 alive.

Biden’s advisers have mounted an aggressive behind-the-scenes push to get his supporters — and, even more importantly, Republicans, including those with whom he worked in the Senate — to help validate the sanctity of the election. Amid a crush of new cases, the hospital brought in nurses from Boise, scaled back elective surgery and, as of Friday, stopped admitting pediatric patients. That everyone is ‘waiting in their safe houses for clearance for takeoff from the Taliban’ amid the diplomatic stalemate. It has long been known that Biden would benefit from a late surge of mail-in balloting that was preferred by Democrats amid the pandemic. Overnight early Wednesday morning, Biden made a late surge to victory in another vital state, Wisconsin, again based on mail-in and early votes that were counted after most of the ballots cast in person on Election Day. Trump and his campaign team have also sought to raise doubts about how Biden made a late surge to victory in the vital state of Wisconsin, where the Democrat rose on the strength of mail-in and early votes that were counted after most of the ballots cast in person on Election Day. Trump hasn’t appeared in public since his brazen and false claim of victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning in which he demanded that legally cast ballots in contested states where he may fall behind not be counted.

But the Trump campaign said Wednesday afternoon that it will demand a recount and the campaign says it is also mounting legal challenges in Michigan and Georgia. The Trump campaign said Wednesday that it will demand a recount in Wisconsin while mounting legal challenges in Michigan and Georgia. Pennsylvania’s secretary of state had already ordered any ballots that arrive between Wednesday and Friday to be segregated from those that arrived by Election Day, pending ongoing litigation, so the state GOP’s request simply asked the court to enforce that action as well as order that “no action” is taken on the ballots. In a brief statement Wednesday afternoon, Biden said his campaign was on track to win 270 electoral votes but that he was not declaring victory until the count was completed in key states. Trump’s team, seeking to keep his slim path to victory alive, has launched a flurry of sometimes contradictory and scattershot legal challenges, without offering evidence of irregularities, mexico olympic jersey demanding vote counts continue in states where he is behind and wanting them shut down in those where he leads. America now seems set for hours or even days of uncertainty with vote counts possibly ceding to legal battles in several states at a time when the country is already being rocked by the worst public health crisis in 100 years.

PHOENIX (AP) – Thousands of baptisms performed by a priest who served in Arizona for 16 years are now presumed to be invalid because he used incorrect wording on a subtle but key component of the sacrament, Roman Catholic officials said. It was not immediately clear what caused the death of the teenager, a dual U.S.-Mexico citizen who returned from the United States four years ago. The President also made ludicrous claims that his leads on election night shrunk because Democratic officials keep finding ballots, when in fact the counts have narrowed because election officials in many states counted the vote-by-mail ballots, which favored Democrats, after the Election Day votes, which tended to favor Republicans. He said he was encouraged by the extraordinary turnout in the election. The speech from the White House briefing room — in which Trump falsely claimed that votes that were cast before and during the election, but counted after Election Day, are illegal votes — could end up being one of the most dangerous presidential statements in American history. Trump has offered a less-than-enthusiastic endorsement of his team’s legal strategy in phone calls with some of his allies this week, sounding resigned to the plan falling short and questioning why his team hadn’t successfully challenged voting rules before the election, even as he remained willing to see it through, CNN reported.