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A blue wave many Democrats were looking for to end Mitch McConnell’s GOP Senate majority has so far not been realized, mexico olympic jersey though some key races still undecided. It is clear that Trump’s path to reelection is far narrower than Biden’s, but it remains a viable one. Trump’s path to 270 is dependent upon an explosive Election Day turnout to make up for the advantage Biden appears to have in the record breaking early, mail-in and absentee vote. And while the President has long threatened legal challenges to the election, the voting itself largely passed off peacefully, without violence at polling places or intimidation of people casting their ballots that had been widely feared, especially given Trump’s attempts to discredit voting procedures ahead of time. People affected were baptized by the Rev. Andres Arango, who served in three parishes in metro Phoenix from September 2005 until his resignation Feb. 1. The Diocese of Phoenix said other Catholic sacraments received by a person may have to be repeated after he or she is re-baptized properly. CNN’s Jim Acosta and Kaitlan Collins reported Wednesday night that Republican officials have been alarmed by the dramatic tightening of the race in Georgia, a red state Trump easily won in 2016. But Black turnout for Biden in the state has exceeded expectations.

Meanwhile, the former vice president appears to have built back up that so-called blue wall across the Midwest that Trump busted through in 2016 to secure his victory. We currently have six states and one congressional district in Maine as pure toss-up battlegrounds totaling 96 electoral votes. New Zealand cruised through the group stage in Oceania qualifying, winning all six games. Mississippi, and now Arizona, restrict abortions to 15 weeks, while the Texas law restricts it to just six. A much anticipated new tranche of votes in populous Maricopa County, Arizona, Wednesday night did not dramatically change Biden’s lead in that state and the Arizona secretary of state said there were several hundred thousand ballots still outstanding in that county. Biden never held less than a 5-percentage point lead in any of them. Biden has thin leads in Arizona and Nevada. In essence, the Trump campaign is trying to stop vote counts in states where he is trailing, like Pennsylvania and Michigan, but demanding that all the votes are counted in states where they believe they have of a chance of catching up to Biden, like Arizona and Nevada. Trump campaign officials said Wednesday afternoon that they believe the President can hold his lead in Pennsylvania, but they are also suing the commonwealth, claiming that Democratic election officials are “hiding the ballot counting and processing” from Republican poll observers.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said Wednesday evening that the state has made “excellent progress” in counting ballots, but estimated it will be “a matter of days before the overwhelming majority of ballots are counted.” Many of those outstanding votes are mail-in ballots that were returned in the heavily Democratic area of Philadelphia. The President is making baseless claims that the election, which had looked more favorable to him late on Tuesday before hauls of early votes started being tabulated, is being stolen from him and demanding that vote counting in some areas should stop. That challenge seemed unlikely to make much of difference in the total vote count, especially given the fact that about 149,000 ballots remained uncounted in Georgia on Wednesday night, according to the secretary of state. Trump is up by fewer than 40,000 votes in Georgia but several heavily Democratic counties have yet to finish their counts. It means a state like Iowa, which Trump won by nearly 10 percentage points, is well within reach for Biden, so we have moved that one from Leans Republican to pure Battleground status. While the Trump campaign is off the air in Iowa, the Biden campaign is spending $565,000 there this week.

When outside groups are factored in, Pennsylvania has seen $135 million in TV ad spending — the second-highest total for any state, behind Florida. Pennsylvania has been a prime target for both campaigns this cycle, with Biden spending $48 million in the Keystone State compared with $21 million for the Trump effort. Since our last Electoral College outlook, there have been no fewer than eight polls that meet CNN’s reporting standards out of Pennsylvania — a critical battleground state for either candidate’s path to 270 electoral votes. Trump said, painting a picture at odds with the true state of the race. The true story will focus on the four members of a SEAL team that attempt to take out a notorious Taliban leader named Admad Shad. Has said it will not be returning to the hardline restrictions seen two decades ago including a lack of women’s rights. The Americans will take on Qatar in the tournament’s semifinals on Thursday, July 29 from Q2 Stadium. Americans stuck in Ukraine fled the war-torn country on buses this morning after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded with a torrent of airstrikes that none of them thought would happen despite days and weeks of growing tension.